Hire a nice berth


The marina offers

Hours places, mooring and enjoy the old town

You want to be short, eating out or take a relaxing break? No problem.

We offer over 50 free guest moorings of any size. (up to 35 meters.)

Day places, and stay and enjoy Duesseldorf

Once identified, you can offer the stunning Düsseldorf no longer happening.

For longer time-outs, we offer perfect service. Talk to us.

The price for day bed is 1.30 per linear meter.

Months courses, enjoy the summer on the Rhine

You want to take advantage of Düsseldorf as a business platform, or perhaps expand your ship or renovate?

No problem. From the rental of a conference room to the workshop services we offer.

Moor-year sites, and explore the waterways

The marina offers the ideal location for trips to Holland, France and Berlin and the Baltic Sea.

We are happy to advise you what is really worth discovering.

The mooring fee

This depends on the length and width - 2 m of water.

We are happy to calculate the exact square meters and will make you an offer.

The bridges are equipped with the following Equipement

  • Concrete Bridges with rubber protective strips
  •  Unwind at the corners
  •  Illuminated
  •  220 volts to 380 volts request
  •  Water port
  •  WLAN optional
  •  Fecal extraction

The facility offers the following safety standards

  • High water safety
  • guarded

Marina Düsseldorf